Early College Program (ECP)

NOTICE: All information for this event is being finalized. Please monitor your email for updates!

As part of the Northern Illinois Regional Art Exhibition, we are now offering each registered school the opportunity to have its most promising students to submit an Early College Program portfolio to be considered for scholarships by our college and university partners. These programs, offered by many collegiate programs, offer a fantastic and unique opportunity to underclass high school students that cannot be had anywhere else. Teachers and parents often tell us that students who attend these programs come back with much more artistic vision and maturity than they had when they first left for the summer!

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Why should students participate in this opportunity?

  • Last year students received a total of over $100 thousand in pre-college scholarships.

  • Early College Programs (ECPs) give students the opportunity to work with college faculty, facilities, and resources.

  • Some ECP programs let students live in their on-campus student housing.

  • Students can earn college credit that may transfer to any other colleges they attend.

What do the dentist do to perform smile designing?

Smile designing is commonly done using Veneers, cosmetic filling material , braces or caps depending on the severity of your case.

What are dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are used to change the shape and shade of your teeth.

Does the dentist grind the natural teeth for smile designing using dental veneers?

The natural teeth undergo minimal alteration during smile designing as the thickness of dental veneers are as less as 0.3 to 0.5 mm.

Will I need Root canals for dental veneers?

No, Root canal is not commonly needed for dental veneers unless an extensive change in shape and form of teeth are desired by the patient.

I am apprehensive about my final look? Is it possible for the dentist to show the final result before we start the treatment ?

We @Swissdentalaesthetics completely understand the anxiety associated with extensive smile designing procedure, therefore using the latest scanners and digital technologies, we scan our patients face and then perform a digital smile designing. This helps our patients have a look at the final result prior to treatment.

Will I get sensitivity after restoring my teeth with dental veneers?

You might experience slight amount of sensitivity during the course of treatment and immediately after the treatment. However this sensitivity subsides after few weeks of the treatment. At our clinic we always provide the patients with desensitizing agents that helps in subsiding the sensitivity.

Do Dental Veneers break or Chip easily after the treatment? Is there any dietary restrictions after dental veneers treatment?

We use only use premium quality veneers at our practice imported from Ivoclar Liechenstein. Hence the chances of them breaking are minimal unless patients forget to follow the post treatment instructions. You can follow a routine diet, there are no specific dietary instructions. We only urge our patients to make sure that are using the back teeth to chew food and not the front ones.

Do Veneers Discolor easily?

Unlike tooth colored fillings, Veneers are made of porcelain and do not take up stains easily. Only in patients who have an habit like betel quid or tobacco chewing, the chances of discoloration increases. The veneers do not stain with intake of normal food and beverages.

How much time does it take complete a smile design treatment using dental veneers?

Smile designing in total takes 2 weeks and 3 to 4 sittings depending on the intra-oral condition of the patient. Simple cases involving a single or two teeth might take as less as 2 sittings and a time of 4 days.