Early College Program (ECP)

NOTICE: All information for this event is being finalized. Please monitor your email for updates!

As part of the Northern Illinois Regional Art Exhibition, we are now offering each registered school the opportunity to have its most promising students to submit an Early College Program portfolio to be considered for scholarships by our college and university partners. These programs, offered by many collegiate programs, offer a fantastic and unique opportunity to underclass high school students that cannot be had anywhere else. Teachers and parents often tell us that students who attend these programs come back with much more artistic vision and maturity than they had when they first left for the summer!

Why should students participate in this opportunity?

  • Last year students received a total of over $100 thousand in pre-college scholarships.

  • Early College Programs (ECPs) give students the opportunity to work with college faculty, facilities, and resources.

  • Some ECP programs let students live in their on-campus student housing.

  • Students can earn college credit that may transfer to any other colleges they attend.

Important Dates

ECP Submission Deadilne: January 19th, 2022 Awards Ceremony & College Presentations: March 13th, 2022

How many portfolios can I submit?

Each high school receives ONE student portfolio for free! Registered schools may purchase up to 5 additional portfolios for a small fee each. This option is presented during the registration process. If additional portfolios are needed after registration is complete, please contact Nick Hostert at N.Hostert@ihsae.org

Portfolio Guidelines and Uploading

Each portfolio needs 5 artworks. Your digital uploads need to be smaller than the following:

  • Images (up to 10 MB each)
  • Video (up to 500 MB each)
  • Audio (up to 60 MB each)
  • PDFs (up to 20 MB each)
  • Models (Sketchfab)
  • You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud
Use this link for ECP Portfolio Slideroom Instructions!

Early College Program Information Packet

This information packet includes more detailed information and all the links to apply and submit your portfolio for review. This is the same document as the one linked at the top of the page. Click here to access