Art Throwdown

All information for this event is being finalized. Please monitor your email for updates!

The IHSAE is very excited to bring Illinois high school art students virtual competitions across a wider variety of mediums in 2020!

The Annual IHSAE Art Throwdown aims at bringing students from Chicagoland area high schools together to engage in a different kind of art competition. Similar to a competitive reality show on television, each young artist will be faced with a hands-on, visually creative challenge: i.e. drawing when you cannot see your hands or the paper; drawing from live models; and working with a group of artists to construct a sculpture in 60 to 90 minutes challenges...

The idea is to bring a team of high school artists together, providing art-making experiences through the visual arts where friends, family, and the larger community can get a closer look at the creative process of the artist.

*modeled after Atlanta’s AHSAE Throwdown event

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Why should students/schools participate in this event?

  • Competitive art making is an experience unlike any other

  • Collaboration and networking for students and teachers between schools and districts

  • Skill refinement and enhancement

  • Exposure to different artistic talents and modalities

  • Potential for Awards and Prizes

Participation/Registration Information

SUBJECT TO CHANGE Registration Fee Info: $300.00 per team. Schools interested in participating in the IHSAE Art Throwdown must register with the form below and pledge to raise the $300.00 minimum team competition fee. *Schools may register schools using funds from school budget. - Registration Fee - $300.00 ($50.00 per student) - Each student participant is asked to raise a minimum of $50.00 - Registration Fee covers 1 team (6 students), art supplies, t-shirt, pizza and a beverage - Schools may only enter one team maximum Team Info:
Each school may register one team consisting of 6 students and a coach (Art Teacher). Each team must have a coach. The team should be built strategically so that a broad range of visual arts disciplines are represented. The team should be prepared to have a student that can confidently compete in each of the art challenges. The challenges are: - Individual Challenge (x6) - Collaborative Challenge (x3) - Group events Challenge (x1) Every Participant Receives:
- T-Shirt, Pizza and a Beverage - Art Swag Bag from Art Vendors - 3 Raffle Tickets for a prize drawing Prizes: - Each Round will award a prize to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams - The top 4 teams will advance to the Final 4 which competes on the same day as our other events - Each team will compete for the Grand Prize Award - Each Round will award a prize to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams

Competition Schedule


Challenges and Judging Guidelines

SUBJECT TO CHANGE The Art Throwdown consists of: Individual Challenges (1 student per challenge, 6 challenges): Individual Challenges will require each artist from the team to complete in a challenge. Teams should select Artist’s based on his/her artistic skill set. Each student may only compete in one challenge. Collaborative Challenges (2 students per group, 3 groups): Collaborative Challenges will require 2 individual “artists” to complete the challenge. The groups should be selected based on his/her artistic skill set. Team Challenge (6 students, 1 challenge): Team Challenge will require all 6 “artists” to complete in this challenge. Based on his/her artistic skill set. Competition Process: - Students Artists will be placed into a single elimination bracket. - Each Art Challenge will have its own specific set of rules for each competition. Timed activities: - Brackets will be posted and updated throughout the day. - Points will be awarded after each challenge concludes. - Art Throwdown Rules & Guidelines will be provided at check-in table. Competition Guidelines: Each round has an announced time of either 60 or 90 minutes. A warning will sound when 15 minutes remain. Signs and personell will be at each Art Challenge location and will provide challenge information to student participants as well as the audience at the beginning of the challenge. While basic art materials will be provided for each challenge, teams should bring their own supplies and equipment for each event including paint, pens, brushes, drawing boards, etc. Just like any sports team has to bring their own equipment. No oils or spray paint will be allowed for this event. Contestants, parents, and coaches are not to approach and/or question judges independently after their decision is rendered. Failure to abide by Art Throwdown Rules will result in automatic disqualification of your team. Judging: The IHSAE will utilize Professional Artists as judges to score individual events. Judges final determinations are final and judges are not required or allowed to explain or defend their final decisions to anyone. Contestants, parents, and coaches are not to approach and/or question judges independently after their decision is rendered. Failure to abide by Art Throwdown Rules will result in automatic disqualification of your team. Scoring: In each event, points will be awarded to individuals with their scores contributing to the team total. Team winner selected by tabulating individual event scores. Every student receives points. Challenge Judges will have 3 gold and 1 of each red, yellow, blue, and white stickers for each Challenge. Students should write their names and school on each sticker after receiving it, so that we can check for errors later on. A Leader Board (screen) will consistently keep track of all points live. Each sticker is worth a corresponding amount of points: - GOLD - 5 points - RED - 4 points - YELLOW - 3 points - BLUE - 2 points - WHITE - 1 point There is a challenge judge and official scorekeeper for each round/challenge. The official scorekeeper will provide the points for each student after each round for official entering. The official scorekeeper has a list of each challenge and each high school competing for each challenge.

Event Date, Location and Cost

Date: TBD Time: TBD
Lunch: Location: TBD Admission: All proceeds support the IHSAE Scholarship & Programming Fund Participation: All city, suburban, public and private Illinois High School’s are eligible for participation.


This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency
through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.