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Art Throwdown

ArtConnectED is very excited to showcase Illinois high school art student’s talents and passions for the arts with virtual and in-person competitions across a wide variety of mediums that provides more students the opportunity to engage and win!


The Art Throwdown is a live, fast-paced, head-to-head, interscholastic Visual Arts competition where students face visually creative challenges for public viewing. Students put their artistic skills to the test, competing against other area Illinois high school students while the audience gets to witness the creative process first hand as they root for their favorites. Each challenge involves a 90 minute, hands-on, and creative problem to be solved. They are held in various art disciplines and media, such as drawing, painting, design, sculpture and digital photography.


Each registered school can submit 1 Senior and 1 Underclassmen for the individual challenges. Team challenges are also offered.


Voting and Social Media: For the Virtual Art Throwdowns, students' artwork will be adjudicated using the ArtConnectED Throwdown voting form. We ask that students share their art and experience on both their own and ArtConnectED’s Social Media platforms, such as Instagram and/or Facebook, and can also share it via email to get the vote out. Please understand this is a promotional event for the student and ArtConnectED, increasing awareness for the impact and excitement the arts create, while also providing marketing opportunities for event sponsors.


NOTE: If student participants(s) don’t use Social Media, they may be at a disadvantage in terms of getting votes and placing in this event. Teachers may want to select a student who is actively engaged in Social Media platforms, or share more through direct emails. This is a promotional event. Please be aware, this event will be recorded. A student's image, artwork or quotes may appear in ArtConnectED promotional materials.

Please contact Randy Sweitzer at, for more information regarding this year's Art Throwdown.

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