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Art Throwdown

The Annual Art Throwdown is expanding!  ArtConnected is very excited to bring Illinois high school art students more virtual competitions across a wider variety of mediums in 2021-22!

The Art Throwdown is a live, fast-paced, head-to-head, interscholastic Visual Arts competition where students will be given a timed Art Challenge. Art students will be asked to put their artistic skills to the test while competing against other area high school art students. Each artist will be faced with a hands-on, visually creative challenge. These art challenges will be 90-minutes and held in various art disciplines and media, such as drawing, painting, design, sculpture and digital photography. 


The 2021-22 challenges to be streamed “LIVE” via ZOOM, the ARTConnectED website and Instagram Live. Virtual events allow us to expand the competition to more students and across a wider variety of disciplines and mediums. Virtual also allows for expanded challenges. However, we know that there is nothing quite like a LIVE art event. So, we will also host a live, in-person challenge at the 2022  IHSAE Northern Exhibition in March! Regardless of the format, our aim remains the same: to bring students from various Illinois high schools together to engage in a whole different kind of art competition.


For the Virtual Art Throwdowns, students' artwork will be adjudicated using the ArtConnectED Throwdown voting form. We ask that students share their art and experience on both their own and ARTconnectED’s Social Media platforms, such as Instagram and/or Facebook, to get the vote out. Please understand this is a promotional event and ARTconnectED is looking to increase its digital footprint for the organization and it’s event sponsors.

NOTE: If student participants(s) don’t use Social Media, they may be at a disadvantage in terms of getting votes and placing in this event. Teachers may want to select a student who is actively engaged in Social Media platforms. This is a promotional event. Please be aware, this event will be recorded. A student's image, artwork or quotes may appear in ARTconnectED promotional materials.

Please contact Randy Sweitzer at, for more information regarding this year's Art Throwdown.

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